Kwizera: Songs of Bwiza Musical CD

The musicians of Bwiza share their traditional songs on this unique CD. Hear the hopeful, and joyous songs of the people of Bwiza, with their uplifting messages of unity and love.

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At this time the CD is not available on its own for purchase.

Song list: 1. Amakuru Ki? "What News?" - A greeting song asking, 'What is your news?' 2. Rwanda Wabaye Ubukombe "Rwanda now you're mature" - The song says, 'Let us sing about you. The world has to know you!' 3. Banyarwanda "People of Rwanda" - The singers encourage, 'Let's all work together, casting aside ignorance and isolation' 4. Ingabo z'uRwanda "Army of Rwanda" - In praise of the courage that brought peace to our land. 5. Urwenene (featuring amakondra, traditional flutes) - 'Long ago there was a tall, slim man called Uwenene...' 6. Mwugurure "Open the Gate" - A celebratory song, 'Our children are coming, bringing a celebration of marriage.' 7. Agaseke Keza "Basket of Beauty" - 'We offer you a gift of culture, a gift of the heart' 8. Isengesho Ry'urukundo "Prayer of Love" - A prayer of love, 'Lord, give us your blessing.' 9.Dusubiye Iwacu "We're returning home" - The song says, 'We're going back to the village, carrying a message of hope.'

Kwizera: Songs of Bwiza Musical CD
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